Are you tired of being tired?

Lack of sleep is often the number one frustration discussed within parents of babies and toddlers. Sleep is crucial to the growth and development of your child and to your well-being.

Why a certified sleep consultant?  

It can be overwhelming hearing mixed advice from family & reading multiple sleep training books.


I can help give you the tools and support you need to teach your child how to sleep through the night and during naps.


I will develop a customized sleep plan for your child & give you the confidence to implement it.


I will provide continuous support where we discuss challenges that arise, create solutions to correct those sleep disturbances, and celebrate victories along the way.

About Me:

• Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

• Registered Nurse with 13 years Neonatal ICU experience

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing

• Masters in Nursing Education

Let me help you instill life-long sleep habits in your child so you can all reap the many benefits of healthy sleep.

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RITA DUMAS 210.386.7384